Soft Fragrant Fires for After Dark or Dreamy Afternoons.

As the evolution of memory, each Stars Are Fire candle vessel is enduring, carrying meaning far beyond its initial lifetime. Every glassware piece is individually mouth-blown and unique from the next, created to be repurposed as lovely drinkware. The candles are housed in a vintage parcel made from soft 100% post-consumer cotton paper. Each piece has an origami-folded base revealing a smattering of stars. The scent subtly infuses the packaging, which can be slipped in a drawer to permeate its surroundings with ethereal fragrance.⁣

They are designed to bring inspiring olfactory sensations to existence with intention.⁣

A lyrical interpretation of memories, moments, music and emotions. Each abstract essence represents a different cherished rock song, mood, or place.

An ode to the night, and those who inhabit it.

Whisky-soaked, moonlit, smoke + ash,
fragrant with evening blooms and abandon.

An embodiment of the aromas of flowers,
 with tranquil essences of the earth accented by jubilant sprays of blossoms and citrus peel.

A glowing ceremony of roses releases joy and sacred scent. This fragrant attar of garlands and petals has, for centuries, dominated poetry, art, and literature, emanating the fragrance of love itself.

Our elusive mystical essence is blended into a potent grenache perfume of heavenly blooms, citrus accords, and a hierarchy of forest notes to capture the passage of time. 

Aromatic smoke wafts through ancient Roman Basilicas,
symbolizing heavenly spirits where scented holy oils meet
the stillness of hymns for a ritual of hope.

Inspire the senses with a ceremony of luxurious fragrance infused into creamy lotion and thick liquid soap developed using an all-natural banana extract preservative. Formulated without parabens or sulfates in a sterile lab using solar-powered energy and bottled in our custom black glass bottles.

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