frequently asked questions


What are your shipping rates?

Our UPS Ground shipping rates are calculated live at checkout and based on current UPS Rates.

Orders $200 and above ship free.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Our work is 100% handcrafted. Slight variations from candle to candle are considered a part of the unique handcrafted process and are to be expected. Our glass is mouth-blown and may have unique differences between each glass. Due to the handmade nature of our products, all sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be offered on the basis of product scent. Tatine does not replace, refund, or exchange products that have been purchased from one of our retail partners. Tatine is not responsible for any damages that occur once you have taken ownership of the product. 

Due to the nature of apothecary / personal care items, we do not accept returns. 


How soon will my order ship?

We ship orders Monday through Friday with our pickup cutoff at 1pm CST unless otherwise noted. Orders ship 1-3 business days after they are placed. Orders are not shipped on Saturdays, Sundays, or major US National Holidays. Once your order has shipped, you will receive tracking information by email. If for some reason you don't receive this information please get in touch with us at We do not ship in extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) as it may damage our handcrafted products. If extreme weather occurs and we must hold your shipment, we will notify you by phone or email.

Do you have rush shipping options?

To expedite your order, you can choose to purchase Next Day shipping at checkout. We ship Monday through Friday, with our pickup cut-off at 1pm CST. Next Day orders must be received before 11am CST to ship same-day. Next Day orders received after the cutoff will ship the next business day. Orders are not shipped on Saturdays, Sundays, or major National Holidays. We do not offer Saturday delivery services.

Do you offer international shipping?

At this time we don’t offer international shipping.

What do I do about a lost or damaged order?

If you suspect your order has been incorrectly delivered or lost, please reach out to us at and we will reach out to UPS customer service. We will look into the issue and assess if a replacement order needs to be sent. Tatine is not responsible for lost or stolen packages once they are received at your location; please ensure your orders are delivered to a safe location. Tatine is not responsible for incorrectly shipped orders if the wrong address is input at checkout.

All claims for damages must be reported to Tatine within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise. Providing supporting photos/documentation is required for all damages. After a review of your request, we will either replace the damaged / missing goods or process a refund to your card. Only the exact items from the original order can be replaced.

Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. Tatine does not replace, refund, or exchange products that have been purchased from one of our retail partners. Tatine is not responsible for any damages that occur once you have taken ownership of the product.



Why is the scent I’m looking for not in the web store?

Over time we may choose to discontinue a particular fragrance in order to make room in our collections for new things! If a scent isn't depicted on our website it most likely means we no longer make it. We don’t keep stock of discontinued items and they are not available by special order.

I’m not able to order the quantity of product I want, what can I do?

Since we’re making handmade products with limited quantities being reserved for our webstore sales, we may run into a shortage of a particular item. Stock gets updated daily after current orders are shipped, so you may want to check back for more stock. You can also reach out to us if you are seeking a particular quantity and we can look into it for you!

I’m having trouble placing an order, can someone help me?

Absolutely—just give us a call at 1.312.733.0173 or email us at and we can help you with your order!

Do you offer samples?

We do not offer samples on retail orders.

Do you have any coupon codes or webstore sales?

The best way to find out about upcoming sales is to sign up for our mailing list! We keep emails to a minimum of a few per month or less, and you’ll be the first to know of any discounts. We do sometimes advertise sales on our Instagram account as well.



Where do you make your products?

All of our candle products are hand crafted in the USA. Our apothecary items are made in the USA in a sterile lab facility and filled at an FDA-approved facility.

Is the Tatine studio open to the public?

At this time we are not open to the public.

Do you private label/customize your products?

Sorry, we do not provide private labeling or customization of our products.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! Please visit our Wholesale page to inquire and apply.

Where can I buy Tatine locally?

Please visit our Find A Store page to see which stores in your area carry our products. We try to keep this updated in real time, but please feel free to reach out directly if you are looking for something in your area! Since we don’t monitor our retailer’s stock, you will need to reach out to them if you are looking for a particular product.



Are Tatine products organic or natural?

We don’t describe ourselves as an organic or natural brand, but we offer the highest-quality ingredients possible for our products. Our candles use a combination of high-grade perfumery oils and pure essential oils. This allows us to have a greater range of fragrances in our palette and provide more fragrance throw when you burn our candles at home. We only use natural soy and vegetable-based waxes with no additives and no added paraffin wax.

Our Disciples of Nature beeswax collection is 100% natural as well as our brass candle collection if you are seeking something all-natural!

How should I burn and care for my candle?

On the first lighting, burn your candle for one hour for each inch of its diameter until you have a full melt pool. Candles have a "memory", so the first few burns will influence how it burns in the remainder of its life. By allowing your candles to have a "memory burn", you are actually increasing the candles burn time, and by allowing a full melt pool to form from edge to edge of the glass, you increase the scent throw. Additionally, at each subsequent lighting you should trim the wick to 1/4" for best quality.

Can the candle glass be repurposed or recycled?

Yes! We design our vessels to be repurposed once your candle has burned through. The glass for our Stars are Fire collection are colored within during their handmade process and tested to be lead-free, so they can be reused as drinking vessels if you’d like!

Our small votive glasses should only be reused for decorative, non-food use.

To clean and reuse glass, gently scrape out any excess dried wax and hand wash with hot soapy water.

For brass vessels, gently scrape out any excess dried wax and wipe out with a dry cloth. Do not use water.

How fragrant are Tatine candles?

We design our fragrances to enhance your space without being overpowering. Scent throw will be dependent on the size of the candle, fragrance type, as well as the size of the room you are burning it in. What is the shelf life of a candle? We recommend burning your candles within a year of purchase, however a candle can live on indefinitely—it just will need to warm up again after being lit and fragrance may fade after two years of shelf life.



Is your liquid soap sulfate-free?

Our soap is formulated without the use of sulfates.

Are your soaps and lotions all-natural?

We use a combination of nature and science to create apothecary blends that feel and smell fantastic. Our apothecary blends are formulated in the USA using safe, laboratory tested ingredients combined with natural oils and extracts. Our bottles are filled at an FDA-approved facility and undergo microbial testing in order to ensure product safety for the consumer.

What is the shelf life of the apothecary products?

Our apothecary products have a shelf life of two years.