Wholesale Ordering & Payment Policies: Updated 2024

Many of you are already on-board, but moving forward, all orders need to be placed using our online Wholesale portal, accessed by clicking the Wholesale tab on our website and entering the universal passcode. 
(Orders sent via specialized PO system will still be accepted via email to wholesaledesk@tatinecandles.com).
If you have questions about the wholesale portal or need to be reminded of the universal access password, please contact us at wholesaledesk@tatinecandles.com anytime! 
 ***With new laws related to consumer privacy, data security, and identity theft, Tatine will no longer be holding and manually charging credit cards.*** 
In the interest of security and seamlessness, as we move forward, all product & shipping payments must be made by customers via the easy online payment prompts we provide to you via Quickbooks at the time orders are confirmed and packed to ship. 
The switch from manual to digital payments provides user-friendly technology so you, the customer, can save your credit cards safely online for fast, easy processing that integrates a cryptographically secure blockchain and features a secure API to protect us, and you.
  • Once your order is submitted online via our Wholesale portal, it will be confirmed and invoiced through QuickBooks within 1 to 2 business days. 
  • Paid orders will then be sent to the warehouse for picking and packing to guarantee the stock for you.
Invoices must be paid via Quickbooks online invoicing to secure stock. We no longer have credit card information in house to confirm or hold your orders!

Invoicing & Confirmations
We will continue to process & ship your orders with a 2-step payment method:
  • A first confirmation invoice and payment link will be sent to you via Quickbooks to review your submitted order and pay online to guarantee your handcrafted stock. 
  • A second invoice and payment link will be sent via Quickbooks for shipping charges once your order is packed and weighed for postage.  
  • Please watch for that second shipping invoice within 1-2 business days as a second online payment is required to release your order!